Personalized Leadership Development Program 2007 – Spotlight in October 2012 TLT Newsletter for Grads Making a Splash!

The Leadership Trust spotlighting Graduate – Michele McLeskey in October 2012 TLT Newsletter


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The Leadership Trust Newsletter October 2012


Thank you Dr. Holly Latty-Mann and The Leadership Trust for assisting me in my life’s journey since 2007.  I owe you so much more than words can express, Love y’all to the Moon & Back!            I will be forever grateful for your support, nurturing, trust and kick in the pants when I need it.

Now, it is my time to Pay It Forward to everyone I am working with since 2011 when I started my company, McLeskey Consulting, Inc!



April 2013 GFSI Scheme Updates – SQF Edition 7.1 Implementation July 1, 2013!

Keeping up with your Global Food Safety Initiative Scheme updates is an ongoing job that many struggle with each day. This is where your certification body, consultants and even the company, both corporate and plant level, personnel can receive the information via industry conferences, committees, specific GFSI scheme training and trade shows/expos. Once they are notified it is a simple matter of alerting everyone to the coming changes  through basic newsletters, group emails, and/or blogs.

For my retainer clients/customers I attend conferences, sit on conference/scheme committees, attend specialized training and target specific trade shows/expos throughout the year. Plus, I am constantly researching/reading business blogs, signing up for targeted newsletters & alerts, reviewing business media group discussions and reading random media to make sure I am serving my clients to the very best of my ability.

I also email them as soon as I receive notification of any GFSI scheme revisions/changes as I am doing with all of you below!


Good Luck with your changes and know that help is just around the corner!